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Download Version 3
Version 3 Now Available! Click here for more information.
Installation Instructions (version 3)installation instructions (pdf)
Version 2 of the HERE Client can still be obtained here. Version 2 supports all functions of the HERE Client, but does not include support for WQX data. If you are currently using version 2, you will not be automatically upgraded to version 3. The installation guide for Version 2 is available here.
Main Profile Map
A 'client' application runs on your PC and can collate and present useful data from a variety of environmental agencies. The data is kept up to date automatically and is available to you even if you lose connection to the internet.
The client's interface has been designed to provide a rapid and easy way to pinpoint and assess potential threats such as hazardous substances and vulnerable resources. Wherever possible, explanatory information has been included to provide some context to the variety of data presented.
Using industry standard location data formats (KML), the client is able to interact with KML-ready mapping applications such as Google Earth and NASA's WorldWind. This powerful combination supports a broader assessment of the immediate, and potential reciprocal threats that need consideration in many emergency scenarios.